Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to the School of Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT) at UNSW Canberra – an exceptional community of students, educators, and researchers dedicated to fostering the next generation of technology decision-makers that will shape Australia’s defence and security future. 

The Strength of Our Community

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our School is home to internationally recognised teaching and research staff who come from all over the world to work towards a shared purpose. The foundation of our community is built on these talented and passionate individuals brought together to create an engaging and supportive learning environment. They are actively engaged in expanding the boundaries of knowledge and are enthusiastically committed to sharing this knowledge, passion, and expertise with our students. 

This is part of our collective success and our ambition is to pay it forward. To foster a culture where we can all reach our full potential. Where excellence is cultivated, expected, understood, and celebrated. A culture that attracts and brings out the best. 

Investing in People

Our job is to inspire engineering minds and nurture a passion for life-long learning. Whether you are an undergraduate student navigating engineering for the first time or a more experienced scholar engaging in ground-breaking research, we’ll support you every step of the way. You’ll have the opportunity to develop and grow through the stages of your career, to push the boundaries, and to learn from and be mentored by those that came before you.  

Our graduates have a powerful and distinctive set of strengths and go on to shape Australia, the region, and the international community as leaders in defence, government, and industry. We measure the success of our education program not only on graduate employment and income, but on the breadth and quality of the institutions where our alumni work, the contributions they make to the broader community, and their desire to come back and join our team. I am proud that we are contributing to a diverse community of engineering and technology experts who are giving back and finding solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.  

Engineering for the Future

Our teaching and outstanding educational experience is informed by our strong research focus. We are working at the forefront of engineering and technology research that both advances our understanding of the world and has real-world impact. We are an innovative and influential school with a respected voice on major issues and trends that will shape our region’s defence and security future. Our academics and students are engaged in cutting-edge exploration across areas especially important to Australia’s future security such as renewable energy, trusted autonomous systems, hypersonics and artificial intelligence. We collaborate with researchers around the world from a range of industry partners and globally recognised universities. 

We are working hard to attract and retain excellent staff and students; to innovate in our teaching and learning; to make our community more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming. As the Head of School, I am both honoured and privileged to lead such an outstanding community. On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to welcome you to the School of Engineering and Information Technology. 

Explore Our School

Our vibrant team are global leaders in engineering research and teaching. Use our search tool to meet our team and learn more about our professors, lecturers, research associates, and more. 

The School of Engineering and Information Technology Advisory Committee comprises leaders from the Australian Defence Force, industry, and the national research community. They lend their energy, expertise, and influence to pursue the school’s vision to be recognised as a global leader in engineering.

Our job is to inspire engineering minds and nurture a passion for life-long learning. Whether you are an undergraduate student, a more experienced scholar, or part of our teaching team, we’ll support and inspire you every step of the way.  

Explore our undergraduate and postgraduate study options and discover the initiatives we have in place to ensure our teaching environment delivers an exceptional education experience.


We know that delivering exceptional engineering and technology to society doesn’t begin or end when students come to us to undertake a degree. Recognising we are part of a larger society, we are dedicated to actively building, strengthening, and extending our culture of engineering excellence into the wider community.  

We are committed to developing a wide range of initiatives to help support and enhance the development of skills, knowledge, and opportunities available within engineering and technology.