About the School of Engineering & IT

Welcome to SEIT

SEIT is an innovative and research-intensive community at the forefront of engineering excellence. Our mission is to foster Australia’s future technology decision-makers and advance technologies that will shape our region’s defence and security capabilities.   

We are the largest school at UNSW Canberra and are home to more than 70 educators brought together to create an engaging and supportive learning environment. We are actively engaged in expanding the boundaries of knowledge and are enthusiastically committed to sharing this knowledge, passion, and expertise with our students to make a positive impact on the world.  

The foundation of our community is built on talented and passionate individuals brought together to create an engaging and supportive learning environment with some of the best engineering and computer science programs in the world. Each year, our students graduate and find employment in diverse fields across Aviation, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Cybersecurity, and more. 

We are also home to leading researchers who are renowned for discovery-driven and problem-oriented research. Strengthened by cutting-edge facilities and constant interaction with our partners we are driving tangible impact through engineering and technology innovation. From developing and testing the technologies required to achieve hypersonic flight to understanding and shaping human-machine interactions — our researchers contribute to a wide range of discoveries. 


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Our Values

We know that being great is not only about what you achieve through your skills and expertise, it’s also about how you interact will colleagues, students, and the community while working towards those achievements.  

Our values demonstrate the way we work together to support a positive environment, enabling us to deliver academic excellence, social engagement, and global impact. 

Excellence & Continuous Improvement

Arrive every day with the expectation of excellence in yourself and others. Recognise that excellence can be both personal and collective. Care about getting things right. Be rigorous. Innovate smartly and embrace accountable freedom. Make a difference.


Our school is our people. Respect is the glue that holds us together. Value person-to-person relationships. Be self-aware, consider how words and actions impact others. There is power in humility. Be compassionate. Everyone is valuable and should be treated with respect.

Collaboration, Teamwork & Collegiality

The value of our school is greater than the sum of our parts: we can achieve more working as a team than we can working as many individuals. To achieve this, we should seize opportunities to help our colleagues; take pleasure in supporting colleagues' achievements; listen actively; consider other points of view; and revel in diversity. 

Transparent Communication

Respect, collaboration, and integrity are supported by transparent communication. Explain the facts openly to all, give full information. Present solutions, not just problems. Communicate fearlessly to build trust and a psychologically safe workplace. 

Job Satisfaction & Work-life Balance

Time flies when we are having fun. To achieve this, we need to balance wisely between people’s needs and organisational regulations. Bring your own style; that's what makes things fun. SEIT is its people, they are its primary asset. A good process starts with this.

We know that delivering exceptional engineering and technology to society doesn’t begin or end when students come to us to undertake a degree. Recognising we are part of a larger society, we are dedicated to actively building, strengthening, and extending our culture of engineering excellence into the wider community.  

We are committed to developing a wide range of initiatives to help support and enhance the development of skills, knowledge, and opportunities available within engineering and technology. 


Our job is to inspire engineering minds and nurture a passion for life-long learning. Whether you are an undergraduate student, a more experienced scholar, or part of our teaching team, we’ll support and inspire you every step of the way.  

Explore our undergraduate and postgraduate study options and discover the initiatives we have in place to ensure our teaching environment delivers an exceptional education experience.


We are working at the forefront of engineering and technology research that both advances our understanding of the world and has real-world impact. Backed by strong partnerships with prestigious industry partners, we’re engaged in cutting-edge exploration across areas especially important to Australia’s future security.  

From cybersecurity and artificial intelligence to renewable energy and resilient infrastructure, see how we are creating innovative solutions to the biggest issues facing our planet. 


Explore Our School

Our vibrant team are global leaders in engineering research and teaching. Use our search tool to meet our team and learn more about our professors, lecturers, research associates, and more.

The School of Engineering and Information Technology Advisory Committee comprises leaders from the Australian Defence Force, industry, and the national research community. They lend their energy, expertise, and influence to pursue the school’s vision to be recognised as a global leader in engineering.

Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure our students gain the hands-on skills and expertise to advance their future engineering careers.  

From the laser laboratory to the thermodynamics and vehicle lab, explore the strength, capability, and difference of our major research infrastructure and testing facilities built to take you further.  

We work alongside several other research centres to create a collaborative multidisciplinary research community.  

Bringing together a diverse range of disciplines, we deliver cutting-edge research, create thought leadership, and provide educational opportunities to address the biggest challenges facing our world today.