Richard Dunley

History Discipline Coordinator - Lecturer in History
Senior Lecturer

Dr Richard Dunley is a Senior Lecturer in history in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), UNSW Canberra. 

Research Interests

  • British naval & strategic policy c.1856-1920
  • British diplomatic history c.1856-1920
  • Maritime Strategy
  • Development of military technology
  • Archives & record keeping


Dunley R, 2018, Britain and the Mine, 1900–1915 Culture, Strategy and International Law, Springer
Book Chapters
Dunley R; Morgan Owen D, 2022, 'Naval History, Maritime Strategy, and the Role of Technology', in Power in the Maritime Domain: A Global Dialogue, Routledge, London,
Dunley RE, 2014, '‘“The Most Resistless and Revolutionary Weapon of Naval Warfare that has Ever Been Introduced”: The Royal Navy and the Whitehead Torpedo 1870-1890’', in A Military Transformed? Adaption and Innovation in the British Military, 1792-1945, Helion & Company Limited
Journal articles
Dunley R, 2023, 'Uncrewed naval vessels and the span of maritime tasks', Marine Policy, vol. 149, pp. 105481 - 105481,
Dunley R, 2022, 'Operation Q: Churchill and Fisher's Invasion of Germany, 1915?', Journal of Military History (US), vol. 86, pp. 612 - 641
Dunley R, 2022, 'Rebuilding the Mills of Sea Power: Interwar British Planning for Economic Warfare against Japan', The International History Review, vol. 44, pp. 1091 - 1107,
Dunley R; Pugh J, 2021, 'Do Archive Catalogues Make History?: Exploring Interactions between Historians and Archives', Twentieth Century British History, vol. 32, pp. 581 - 607,
Dunley R, 2020, 'The Archive of the Edwardian Foreign Office: The Archaeology of a Collection and Its Use', Diplomacy & Statecraft, vol. 31, pp. 429 - 449,
Dunley R, 2019, 'Anti-Submarine Warfare in the Pre-First World War Royal Navy: A Cultural Failure?', War in History,
Dunley R, 2017, 'Invasion, raids and army reform: the political context of ‘flotilla defence’, 1903–5', Historical Research, vol. 90, pp. 613 - 635,
Dunley RE, 2016, 'Technology and Tradition: Mine Warfare and the Royal Navy’s Strategy of Coastal Assault 1870-1890', Journal of Military History, vol. 80, pp. 389 - 409
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Dunley R, 2015, '‘The warrior has always shewed himself greater than his weapons’: the Royal Navy’s interpretation of the Russo-Japanese War 1904–5', War & Society, vol. 34, pp. 248 - 262,
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