Sustainment & Network Collaboration


Our research and education activities aim to help organisations, including the Australian Defence Force, the Commonwealth, state and territory governments and private sector organisations, develop the means to address the challenges of managing strategic capabilities. 

To successfully navigate the challenges of managing strategic capabilities, organisations need unique and novel solutions to increasingly complex strategic challenges. Organisations also require the means to achieve operational excellence, by improving the operational and financial viability of the strategic capabilities they manage. 

Our achievements within this area of research include: 

  • multi-year evaluation of the sustainable supply chain programs of two global FMCG manufacturing MNEs

  • research and development of innovations to improve health and safety outcomes in the construction industry 

  • multi-year practice-oriented research on the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in evaluating customer feedback and buying behaviour with implications for supply chain risk management 

  • research and development of risk management practices within Defence logistics programs. 

Competitive Advantage

UNSW Canberra offers several competitive advantages in the area of Sustainment and Network Collaboration: 

  • Our enduring relationship with Defence has led to a profound understanding of Defence, the challenges that Defence faces, and the broader Defence industry context. 

  • We have a deep understanding of the Commonwealth, state and territory governments. We also work with a variety of organisations in the public service. Our unique understanding and experience allow us to cater to managers in the public sector. 

  • Our world-class research outputs include thought leadership in project management, asset management, logistics management, risk management, governance, relationship management, accountability and business intelligence. 

  • Our educational offerings uniquely cater to the needs of our stakeholders. They include the Master of Logistics Management, the Master of Sustainment Management, the Doctor of Public Leadership as well as a suite of Professional Education programs. 

The main source of our competitive advantage is our team of highly qualified and experienced personnel. They each offer unique and impactful perspectives in their areas of expertise. 

Successful Applications

The following research projects are currently active or likely to commence shortly: 

  • Advanced AI techniques for supply chain risk management in an inherent complex world. 

  • Enhanced benefits realisation governance practice across advanced technology and capability programs. 

Our research partners have included federal government entities, professional bodies, industry associations, companies and not-for-profit organisations. 

Sentiment aggregation of targeted features by capturing their dependencies: Making sense from customer reviews - International Journal of Information Management 
Monireh Alsadat Mirtalaie and Omar Khadeer Hussain 

Outsourced supply chains as a complex adaptive system - Meditari Accountancy Research 
Jim Rooney and Yiyuan Cao  

Study With Us

Programs associated with Sustainment and Network Collaboration include: