Environment & Governance

Research Themes

  • Climate and Security examines the intersections between climate change and international security, and climate change law and governance in traditional fora such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and new spaces such as the Security Council, regional organisations and civil society.  
  • Biodiversity and Oceans includes the law and governance of biodiversity across multiple jurisdictions and biomes, from terrestrial to marine, with a focus on the effectiveness of existing systems and potential lines of reform.  
  • Energy and Policy provides leading research on energy, water, food, and conservation policy and systems.  
  • Justice and Development asks important environmental justice questions through the lens of ethics, philosophy and norms, considering their intersection with governance and development processes.  


This transdisciplinary journal is a key initiative of the Environment and Governance Research Group. Professor Anthony Burke is the Editor in Chief and the international editorial advisory board includes key scholars in social theory and the environmental humanities.  

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