Our research aims to study the novel facets of diversity relevant to organisations and individuals. 

In addition to the traditional aspects of diversity studies, our work focuses on: 

  • intersectionality and how inequality regimes are reproduced through organisational processes, norms, culture and interpersonal relations 
  • how different mental models give rise to intersectionality and how it can be embraced by organisations and businesses to enhance their effectiveness 
  • methods to elicit mental models to try to understand how people perceive a system and the similarities and differences between those perceptions—such as those related to Q methodology 
  • the incommensurability surrounding inclusion and diversity, exploring what happens when the ideas, thoughts, values and knowledge of the 'we' do not ‘fit’ with that of 'others': can a ‘common ground’ be found in these circumstances? 
  • diversity as a source of creativity and the generation of new productive ideas in businesses, organisations and geographies (for example, cities and countries)  
  • the dynamics of ethnic entrepreneurship: exploring immigrant self-employment as both a source of value and a reflection of structural disadvantage in the labour market.  

Competitive Advantage

Our team includes experts from the disciplines of management, psychology, industrial organisation, applied economics, human resource management, gender studies, environmental studies, organisational anthropology and social sciences.  

We are uniquely positioned to study diversity and its effects using either a discipline-specific or a broader comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, depending on the issue investigated. Each of our researchers has substantive experience both as an individual and in a team with other researchers in this cluster. Our research spans: 

  • health and disability services 
  • gender equality in public sector organisations 
  • cultural competency in the delivery of government services 
  • migration policy

Successful Applications

We have delivered a range of projects in the broad disability field, including a review of the first National Disability Strategy, research on the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Disability Employment Services and the impact of COVID-19 on children and young people with disability.  

We also prepared a report for the Canberra Multicultural Women’s Forum and the ACT Office for Women – Best Practice in Communicating with Women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Backgrounds

Study With Us 

UNSW Canberra will offer a Diversity Management subject for postgraduate students as part of the Master of Business program from Semester 1, 2021. Cross Cultural Management is also available as part of the Master of Business.