Conflict & Society

Research Themes

Military History at UNSW Canberra leads the discipline nationally. We have a significant and growing international presence in the study of armed conflict and society from a historical perspective.

Information Warfare & Influence investigates the historical dimensions of information warfare. We are interested in propaganda—in particular the mobilisation of print culture—in the conduct of modern war. We also pursue research into the politics of war commemoration, the histories of censorship and the production and circulation of war narratives in the literary marketplaces of the English-speaking world from the 18th century to the present. 

Literature, Media & Cultures of Conflict at UNSW Canberra directly furthers public understanding of Australian and international literary and cultural heritage. Our prize-winning books reach general readerships, putting into the hands of the public new ways to access the forms of culture we all inherit.

Conflict & Society Seminars

Our Conflict and Society Seminars are a series of free presentations debating the issues related to social and military history. Presenters include academics from ACT universities, professional historians and Australian Defence Force personnel.  

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War and Society Journal

War and Society Journal

War & Society publishes high-quality scholarly articles on the causes, experience and impact of war. Our articles feature original research based on archival, oral, and other primary sources.

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