Textbooks and Recommended Titles

Each UNSW Canberra School has a list of required textbooks and recommended titles which are listed in individual course outlines.

It is UNSW Canberra policy that items which are prescribed course textbooks are expected to be purchased by the student doing the course.  Students may wish to purchase print or single licence electronic textbooks from the following online providers, noting that the list is for reference and it is not to be seen as an endorsement by the University:

• Booko:  https://booko.com.au/ (price and availability comparison)
• Booktopia:  https://www.booktopia.com.au
• Book Depository:  https://www.bookdepository.com
• Amazon (Australia):  https://www.amazon.com.au

To assist students, the Schools work with the Library to produce an amalgamated Textbook List for each semester.

The UNSW Canberra S1, 2022 v1.2 textbook list is available for download here

The Textbook List has key course information (e.g. course name and course codes) and includes the textbook and recommended titles, authors, the required edition/s and whether the Library has the item in electronic form and/or in a hardcopy form.

If the Library has a print version of a textbook or recommended title it is placed in the Library’s onsite Course Readings (CR) Collection.

The Library will seek to acquire an electronic copy (if available). Where there is an electronic copy of an item, the link to the Library’s catalogue is included in the Textbook List for students to follow and access the resource.

The number of licences (electronic copies) for these items varies so just the titles with ‘unlimited access’ are noted.  The value of an unlimited licence is that students do not need to purchase their own individual copy of these titles unless they really wish to.

In addition to the required textbooks and recommended materials, your lecturer may also nominate a number of course readings.  Course readings lists are usually made available via your course units on Moodle.