Research & Independent Advice

The centre offers a comprehensive research and advice service to underpin capability and business decisions. This service provides support to risk reduction activities across the capability life cycle for a project or program through mentoring, facilitated workshops, modelling and simulation research and ‘above the line’ independent reviews and advice.

Research & Independent Advice

As an independent source of advice in capability management and delivery, the centre offers a unique service for providing guidance and support to Defence capability sponsors and delivery managers, who will benefit from being mentored by highly experienced individuals who have performed the Defence roles of defining, planning and executing capability management activities across the Defence  Capability Lifecycle (CLC).

Centre mentors have decades of experience in successful delivery and support of defence capability across the CLC in such areas as: portfolio, program and management, needs and requirements definition; risk reduction; solicitation; cost estimation, WBS and schedule development; system integration, software development; acquisition and sustainment management; assurance including T&E; and preparation of CLC artefacts, including: Business Case, JCNS, PES, OCD, FPS, TEMP, and SOW.

The centre is able to conduct in-depth analysis of technical and engineering-related issues and activities for a project or program throughout the life cycle. The centre has an extensive network of technical and engineering specialists that can undertake ‘deep dives’ that support decision making by the business, program or project.

The centre is able to support risk identification and reduction activities through:
• world leading capability systems and system dynamics research;
• independent reviews of the project/program artefacts including remedial actions; and
• hosting facilitated workshops.

Centre research

The Capability Systems Centre undertakes research on a range of topics associated with force design (mission engineering) and supporting the project or program manager across the capability life cycle. Our research includes, but is not limited to, the following topics as they apply to a specified context.

Centre workshops

The centre offers a facilitated workshop service that provides an efficient mechanism to allow stakeholders to develop consensus in an artefact. The workshops take a structured top-down approach that greatly assists in allowing participants to focus on a level of abstraction appropriate to the task. Workplace distractions can also be avoided by holding workshops at a convenient venue at UNSW Canberra where stakeholders can devote their attention to the workshop task.

Workshops can be of any length from one to five days.

Various levels of catering are also available.