Aluma Kepten

HDR Student

Aluma Kepten is a PhD Candidate in International and Political Studies at UNSW Canberra. Her PhD research focuses on the determinants of military illicit violence perpetrated by global Special Operations Forces. Her main research interests include military ethics, military culture, organisational secrecy, and gender studies. Aluma holds an undergraduate degree (Honours) in Sociology and Anthropology and a master's degree in Sociology (both with Distinction) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has participated in research at academic institutes in Israel, the United States, and Australia (the Hebrew University, Brandeis University, and Flinders University) and has recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Armed Forces & Society. Aluma is a recipient of the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP).


Kepten, A. (2023). The “Supermen” Club: Organizational Secrecy and Masculine Identity in an Israeli National Security Organization. Armed Forces & Society, 49(2), 330–349.  

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